We have been developing and offering, for many years, home textile products to our customers focusing more on comfort and aesthetics futures. In the year 2001, Kirayteks added technical textile products, with its modern machinery course, that are developed with function and performance in mind. We create innovative and well-targeted textile solutions for use in a comprehensive range of industries and applications, such as automotive, marine, health care, protective clothing, advertising, and many other industries worldwide. Several solutions for coated fabrics and technical textiles are part of the Kirayteks product portfolio.

Here are some examples from our product range


Laminated Multi-layered composite upholstery fulfilling Fr requirements

Vandal-proof upholstery with Fr

Sun Visor Fabrics with Fr


Low-fuming Fr upholstery

Cold-resistant blackout out roller blind


FR upholstery with humidity protection

Tarps with dirt and moisture repellency


Cubicle Mesh Curtains with antimicrobial and stain protection

Pu membrane laminated incontinence mattress covers

Spacer Mesh with antimicrobial and antistatic protection

Anti-viral Mask fabrics

Protective Clothing

Membrane Laminated Outwear

Heat-reflective coated fabrics for industrial workers

PCM coated textiles for sporting, sleep, etc.


Camping tent fabric

Projection screen fabrics

These technical textiles are designed and developed for non-decorative purposes, and they may be specially fabricated to incorporate any number of functional and physical properties such as heat and flame protection, water resistance, sound absorption (acoustic), antimicrobial, anti-static, insect repellent, chemical resistant, odour absorbent, cut-resistant, tear-resistant, digital printable, etc.

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