Our production range includes fabrics for roller blinds, panels, vertical blinds, and pleated blinds in several designs, variants, and compositions; such as transparent, dimout, blackout, printed, metal-coated, pearlised, jacquard woven, plain woven, nonwoven, etc.

Our fabric qualities are made of polyester, viscose, cotton, linen, and blends of these fibers. Depending on the end-use and requirements we are able to treat our fabrics to obtain various functionalities as flame retardancy, light reflection, heat reflection, etc. As a complete and integrated manufacturer of textiles, from yarn preparation to finishing, we can produce tailor-made products for your specific applications.


Our roller blind fabrics come in standard widths of 200 cm, 250 cm, and 300 cm.

We are also able to offer fabrics up to 320cm in width, including blackout, for our customers’ special needs.

Transparent, semi-transparent, translucent, dimout, and blackoutare some of the qualities of our roller blind fabrics production range.

Plains & Blackouts

Take control of the light with our stylish both translucent and blackout blind fabric collection. You may decide to make use of the daylight and choose one of our light filtering fabrics or you may choose one of our blackout blind fabrics which perfectly block exterior light and give you the option of complete darkness and privacy.

For further information please request our catalogs.

Textures & Jacquards

Discover our textured and jacquard patterned fabrics. With over 40 years of experience, Kirayteks’ designers make it easy to integrate a tactile experience into your windows with woven designed blind fabrics. Designed with special effects like natural linen effects, raised prints, sculptured finishes, etc.

For further information please request our catalogs.



Our line of sheer fabrics come in many widths and textures. We offer a variety of matte, textured, shimmering, iridescent, and metallic-look sheers. These sheers, with various transparencies, filter the external light beautifully. They’re wonderful for daytime use and highly decorative for your interior spaces.

For further information please request our catalogs.


From conventional to digital printing, Kirayteks offers a wide range of stocked print collections such as burnouts, metallic printed, pigment printed, and digital in unlimited colors and repeats.

We are now able to offer also bespoke digitally printed blind fabrics with our newest  320cm HP Latex digital printer. Designs can be printed on various base cloths such as blackout, translucent, dimout, textured, jacquard, and many more.

For furher information and to learn more about our bespoke printing service please contact our specialist team.  


Our range of Pvc-Free Screen Fabrics is available in a wide selection of colours and light filtering options to get you the desired clean view from the inside of your home or office and to provide subtle privacy from the outside. We are also very excited to share our latest addition screen fabrics made of recycled PET material collected from the Oceans.

To discover this top-end professional fabric range and to help us save our planet please contact our specialists and request our catalogs. 


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